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WildSmart Masks

I’m super excited to announce Ruckusdesign has partnered with WildSmart to offer seven different face masks in a variety of styles and sizes. Each mask has a different slogan relating to improving human- wildlife co-existence and a portion of the sale of each mask will be donated to WildSmart. The masks are $20 each, or 3 or more for $15 each. 

WildSmart is a proactive conservation program that encourages efforts by Bow Valley communities to reduce negative human-wildlife interactions by promoting a culture of safety and respect for our wild neighbours. As wildlife and people compete for a finite amount of space, numerous interactions occur. Although most are harmless, some can pose a serious threat to both people and wildlife, resulting in human injury, property damage, and/or dead or relocated animals.


Through diverse education and outreach efforts, WildSmart staff and volunteers raise public awareness and empower citizens to coexist safely with wildlife. WildSmart also seeks to tackle some of the challenging “human dimensions” issues related to wildlife-related communications, attitudes, and behaviours. Their volunteer group known as the Wildlife Ambassadors, are dedicated well-trained community members who enthusiastically share their knowledge of wildlife ecology and safety information with residents and visitors in the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country. 

WildSmart provides useful resources such as a weekly Bear Report, Trail Closures and Warnings and How to Properly Use Bear Spray, as well a variety of information guides and videos about how you can keep yourself and wildlife safe in the Bow Valley. You may have noticed that the trails and day use areas in the Bow Valley and Kananaskis Country have been unusually busy this year. WildSmart is working hard to expand and refine their education programs, with the goal of helping as many people as possible to understand their role in promoting human-wildlife coexistence. The WildSmart Community Program relies entirely on charitable donations and sponsors - please support their efforts and buy a mask today! For more info

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