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About us

 Ruckusdesign  has been a long evolving crafting adventure for sole proprietor Andrea White. It has and still does explore jewelery and other accessories, but the main focus is on hats and handbags. 

A recent dig through family storage yielded some pretty amazing photos from the past. All of which inspired a whole new line of bags including grooming kits. Each bag has it's own photo, and it comes with an explanation of who is in it and what they were doing. I also custom design bags for clients with their own photos. The Ruckusdesign logo is a photo of my Great Grandmother standing on a Vancouver beach in 1940.

Every Ruckusdesign hat is skillfully hand crafted. Carefully selected repurposed scarves line them, while the hatbands and embroidery tell a story. Wear Ruckusdesign hats as passionately as they are made. 

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