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Outlaw Handbag


The Outlaw handbag is a rugged carryall designed to be worn over the shoulder or as a messenger. It is entirely hand sewn, and reinforced with rivets in all the right places. The body of the bag is grey and measures 14" wide. The sides (and bottom) of the bag are black and measure 11" high. The strap is adjustable and customizable, you can forward the length you would like in the comments section of checkout. The exterior pocket closes with a magnetic snap and measures 7" wide, and 5" high. The photograph on the front of the bag is of a group of men (and a pup) taken in the back of the Nanton Hotel 1913. 

This bag is made to order, so when it is ordered, it is shipped in approximately a week to 10 days. Due to the nature of leather, there will be some variances in appearance from the bag in the photo. As is the case with all of our products, if you have a photo you would like to use on one of our bags, you can contact us to make arrangements. 

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